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Laser tag game for kids: 2 lasertag guns (blue and white) + 2 Light Battle Active Targets - LBAP22234D B072JT532H

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Laser tag game for kids: 2 lasertag guns (blue and white) + 2 Light Battle Active Targets - LBAP22234D B072JT532H
  • PRODUCT FEATURES: 4 team colours (blue, red, green, white); 4 different types of ammunition (pistol, shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher); Ammunition reload button; Display of the number of lives with the life bars; Many light and sound effects.
  • INFORMATION LASERGUN: The laser tag gun is the target, you don't need to wear a vest. All 4 blaster settings have different stoppage power, reload times, and range requirements. You can play the lazer tag game with up to four teams, each containing an unlimited number of players. Batteries: 4x AA battery per laser gun. No other accessories necessary.
  • WARRANTY: For individuals that do not use our products commercially, a 14 days money-back guarantee applies.
  • SAFETY AND MANUAL: Light Battle Active laser tag guns meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives (CE marking). Light Battle Active uses harmless and invisible infrared technology, similar to the remote control of your TV. We supply our products with a manual in English, German, French and Dutch.
  • WHAT DO YOU GET: 1x Light Battle Active gun Blue + 1x Light Battle Active gun White + 2x Light Battle Active Target.
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Product description

Experience the ultimate laser gaming thrill with Light Battle Active

With this Light Battle Active toy gun you can battle for victory with up to four teams. Each team can contain an unlimited number of players. The laser gun has a range up to 50 metres and has 4 different types of ammunition.
The gun is equipped with an infrared transmitter and receiver; the opponent's gun is, therefore, the target. Depending on the type of ammunition, the opponent loses one or more lives when hit. The number of lives is shown as life bars on the laser tag gun.

Features lazer tag toy gun:

• 4 team colours;
• Unlimited number of players per team;
• 4 different types of ammunition;
• Ammunition reload button;
• Vibrates when fired and when you're hit;
• Number of lives displayed on life bars;
• Many light and sound effects;
• Infrared transmitter and receiver;
• Batteries: 4x AA per gun (not included).

Light Battle Active Target
The Target can be used as a flag to be captured. In addition, several targets can be suspended on the playing field. The team that captures the most targets is the winner of the laser game.

How it works
After switching it on, the target lights up 1 second every 30 seconds, so it is visible in the dark during the game. If the target has been hit, it continues to blink in the colour with which it was hit. While flashing, the target cannot be hit by anyone. Once the target has lost 5 lives of the same team colour, it continues to flash in that colour until the target is turned off with the on and off switch. The automatic switch-off (battery saving mode) takes place after 4 hours. The target takes three AAA batteries, these are not included.

Experience the ultimate laser gaming thrill and order your Battle Active Light products today!

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